Apa itu mobile banking

Mobile banking merupakan layanan yang memungkinkan nasabah bank melakukan transaksi perbankan melalui ponsel atau smartphone. Layanan mobile banking dapat digunakan dengan menggunakan menu yang sudah tersedia melalui aplikasi yang dapat diunduh dan diinstal oleh nasabah.

BRImo merupakan Aplikasi Keuangan Digital Bank BRI Terbaru berbasis data internet yang memberikan kemudahan bagi nasabah maupun non nasabah BRI untuk dapat bertransaksi dengan User Interface dan User Experience terbaru, fitur login face recognition, login fingerprint,  top up gopay, pembayaran QR dan fitur-fitur menarik lainnya, dengan pilihan Source of Fund/ sumber dana setiap transaksi dapat menggunakan rekening Giro/ Tabungan.

Tujuan pengembangan aplikasi BRI Mobile BRImo versi terbaru adalah untuk mempersiapkan business model baru ke depan, pergeseran habit nasabah yang sebelumnya bertransaksi melalui unit kerja BRI, kemudian shifting ke ATM dan SMS Banking, diharapkan ke depan seluruh nasabah mulai bertransaksi melalui internet banking. Cara daftar BRImo serta aktivasi aplikasi BRImo Mobile Banking BRI terbaru ini sangat mudah, bisa dilakukan langsung melalui aplikasi BRImo. Download bri mobile banking dan internet banking terbaru dari promo.bri.co.id Indonesia ini juga mudah, aplikasi BRImo tersedia dan bisa di unduh melalui google play store maupun app store


Mobile banking merupakan layanan yang memungkinkan nasabah bank melakukan transaksi perbankan melalui ponsel atau smartphone. Layanan mobile banking dapat digunakan dengan menggunakan menu yang sudah tersedia melalui aplikasi yang dapat diunduh dan diinstal oleh nasabah. Mobile banking menawarkan kemudahan jika dibandingkan dengan SMS banking karena nasabah tidak perlu mengingat format pesan SMS yang akan dikirimkan ke bank dan juga nomor tujuan SMS banking.


Fitur-fitur layanan mobile banking antara lain layanan informasi (saldo, mutasi rekening,  suku bunga, dan lokasi cabang/ATM terdekat); dan layanan transaksi, seperti transfer, pembayaran tagihan (listrik, air, internet), pembelian pulsa, dan berbagai fitur lainnya.

Cara Kerja

Untuk menggunakan mobile banking, nasabah harus mendaftarkan diri terlebih dahulu ke bank. Nasabah dapat memanfaatkan layanan mobile banking dengan cara mengakses menu yang telah tersedia pada aplikasi yang terinstal di ponsel. Apabila nasabah menggunakan mobile banking melalui aplikasi yang terinstal di ponsel, nasabah harus mengunduh dan menginstal aplikasi pada telepon seluler terlebih dahulu. Pada saat membuka aplikasi tersebut, nasabah harus memasukkan User-ID dan password untuk login, kemudian nasabah dapat memilih menu transaksi yang tersedia dan diminta memasukkan OTP saat menjalankan transaksi.

Relocate Your Emergency Patient From Kolkata To Anywhere By Vedanta Air Ambulance

Do you need Ambulance Services at Kolkata? Are you disturbed regarding him/her, some way to transfer your patient safely? If your patient’s condition improbably very important which they area unit terribly serious then don’t wait.

We conjointly give Train medical transportation relying upon the condition of the patient’s health, medical demand and distance of the journey. And, the substantial quality of colleagues, as well as qualified and transportation specialised doctors (ICU Specialists), seasoned employees and masterly drivers, build us a Goliath pioneer in giving Ambulance services. We’ve long years of inclusion within the circle of emergency remedial responses. We have a tendency to offer fast delivery aside from road rescue vehicle association with emergency medical responses and paramedics around the clock.

Benefits that we offer

To give the foremost elevated gauge of emergency vehicle transportation in an exceedingly protected way with well disposed, and masterly method on a worldwide premise to the Patient anytime and from anywhere within India.

At Advanced Air Ambulance, we have a tendency to square measure obtainable to you, twenty-four hours every day, to oblige all of your meditative must the foremost extreme level of well-being, solace and proficiency. Our pros’ basic objective is to convey sleek and agreeable, 100 per cent easy, complete side to side, road, railway and air emergency vehicle transports. Our complete restorative transportation administration guarantees progression valuable thought to each one amongst North American nation

We have attained goodwill and name by being the foremost productive venture in conveyance administrations to families and government associations in times of bother. We have a tendency to meet the very best commonplace of well-being and have ambulances outfitted with the foremost recent first provides. We have a tendency to offer pre-hospitalization mind that’s unmatched within the business and have effectively slowed down death rates with our convenient backing. We’ve engineered up our beginning points when Long and have reliably remained by the patients in their essential would like for backing.

We have picked up trust with years of diligent work and can offer commendable administrations to move your friends and family anywhere generally or simply with no bother. We’ve got wind of correspondence frameworks which will assist you to reach for us foursquare and acquire speedy and dependable medical facilitate directly.

Technologically advanced service supplier by Vedanta:-

 Complete Peer to look transfer facility at an affordable fare

 anytime dedicated medical crew and Specialist doctor with patient

 Special treatment intensive care unit and Ventilator patients

 immediately transport the necessitous ones from one bed to a different bed

 merely receive and drop critical ones